This Is The Fiesta Shirt We All Need!

Fiesta is here - a REAL, NORMAL Fiesta!

We are so excited to be back out partying and celebrating with y'all - seriously, Fiesta is the absolute best time of year in SA. One of my Fiesta dreams is to actually be one of the many kings, hell I'd even be a queen for a day if they let me. I mean the royalty got it goin' on! A police escort, free parking, tickets to everything. So we put together these awesome Fiesta shirts that declare you (UN)officially a Fiesta King or Queen!

We know you want one, and they are 100% free! You just have to find us out and about during Fiesta. If you see us out, just ask! You may have to play to win, but we got you ;)

We'll be out live at the River Parade Monday, plus NIOSA Tuesday night, and then Battle of Flowers Friday morning. Come find us to get your official (or unofficial) Fiesta shirt!

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