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This City Just Topped The List As The Fattest In Texas

The annual list of the fattest cities in America is out and yet again San Antonio made the list! We are number 25, which is way down from where we used to be (#1 in 2005-2006), but also a far cry from the gains we made before the pandemic (we were around the 50 mark). Yep, the COVID - 19 pounds or however many we all gained during the pandemic put us back up to the top of the list and residents are blaming it on lots of things - except of course themselves.

"the restaurants give too big of servings"

"kids are all fat and just sit at home and play video games"

Of course we just keep shoveling it in! The good news is we aren't the fattest city in Texas, that honor belongs to....drum roll please.....

McAllen, TX! Not only is McAllen the fattest in Texas, they're the fattest in the entire country! Here's lookin' at you RGV!

To see the rest of the ratings CLICK HERE

Fitness And Fatness On The Government Agenda

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