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These Are the 5 Nastiest Words In English Language

The emotional impact of a word can be subjective, but according to a new study, they have determined the five nastiest words in the English language! ---and honestly they may come as a shock to you! Mainly because they're actually words we could say on the the right context.

Done guessing?!

Alright, here are the 5 nastiest words.....

1) Pus - okay yeah, that one is gross

2) Phlegm - it itself is gross, but the word?!

3) Seepage - again, the act of seepage, disgusting, but the word doesn't gross me out

4) Moist - there it is!

5) Splooge - okay, not even going to address that one.

What would you add to the list?

Words text from wooden blocks

Photo: iStockphoto

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