King of Market Square, Hispanic Elvis Hospitalized

If you've been to Market Square in the past decade you've definitely experienced the King himself...the King of Market Square that is, Hispanic Elvis!

He's entertained the masses for years with his outlandish wardrobe, guitar, and music. He's a staple of San Antonio pop culture. in fact, now it's to the point you get disappointed if you head down there and DON'T see him! Right now is one of those, as Hispanic Elvis has been placed in the hospital.

His family reports Hispanic Elvis is dealing with a serious infection and is also positive for COVID. He's doing better and is able to talk now according to family, but still needs time to recover. in fact they've started a Go Fund Me account to help with his medical bills. if you want to help you can click HERE

I'd invite him on the show, but getting in touch with him is impossible as family reports he doesn't have a cell phone, and only checks in via pay phones (they still exist?), or borrowed phones. He's very private they say. He apparently used to be in a band in the 60's and 70's, and has always loved performing.

Here's to hoping he gets better soon! Market Square just isn't the same without him!

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