Judson HS Pooping Posts Take Over Instagram

High School is tough enough without someone taking pics of you pooping!!!!

That's exactly what parents and administrators are dealing with at Judson High School. An instagram account (JHS.Poopers) claims to have photos posted of kids going to the bathroom at Judson. The posts mainly feature the legs of someone in a stall doing their business, and parents are furious, saying "this is not okay".

Judson administrators can't actually confirm the pics are from the school, or if they're just taken online, but the trend of these accounts and posts are sweeping the nation in a disturbing trend.

I don't know about you...but I could barely deal with having to use the bathroom in school - those facilities were disgusting! Hell, most times I'd say I was sick so I could go home and take care of business, but this...this takes it to a whole new level!! My thoughts go out to everyone at Judson...clearly a crappy situation.

Woman needs to poop, outdoor

Photo: iStockphoto

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