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Could This Be The New Name of the AT&T Center?

Few will remember when we called the famed arena on the east side of San Antonio, "The SBC Center"...but we did. Since 2006 it's been the AT&T Center, which is a long run all things considered. But the naming rights of an arena is big time money, and with AT&T pulling out along with their interest in the Spurs, the 2021-2022 season will be the last of the signage, the naming, and yes...they'll probably have to rename the road there from AT&T Center Parkway, to whatever else is next.

So what is next?

There's a strong bid from a company who just purchased the naming rights of the soon to be former Staples Center in LA, That's right, the Staples Center will soon be no more and instead it will be referred to as Arena.

Staples Center

Photo: Getty Images North America

Can you imagine?! Word is, is after more of these naming rights - so could the arena in San Antonio be next?

Whatever the future name is, one thing is for'll take us a minute to actually say the correct name without first calling out the AT&T Center like your Grandmother who runs through a list of names before landing on the right one.

Stay tuned...

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