The Russell Rush Haunted Tour Announces Final Episode

The Emmy award winning Russell Rush Haunted Tour announced October 28th will mark its last episode ever.

The Texas based paranormal show has taken viewers on a 13 year journey of some of the most haunted locations in the Southwest, and featured some incredible evidence that ghosts are real. Hosted by longtime favorite 96.1 NOW DJ Russell Rush, the show was a twist on what paranormal viewers were used to seeing, thanks to a bit of humor. "I was a huge fan of Conan O'Brien", Rush notes, "and I thought what would be more fun to follow around a group of ghost hunters, and poke fun...the only thing is, real things started happening." Rush's curiosity got the best of him, and weeks later he purchased his own ghost hunting equipment, and The Russell Rush Haunted Tour was born.

There have been many notable locations and investigations along those 13 years that showcased unbelievable paranormal activity. The Six Flags Fiesta Texas episode featured a piece of equipment flying across the floor. At Frank a ghost tugged at the shirt of an investigator. There were shadow people and EVP's too numerous to count. The show's strength was based off of the incredible history and storytelling that sucked you in and kept you on the edge of your seat. "We really strived to show real people, with real lives, reacting in real ways to what we were experiencing" explained Rush, "I think the pinnacle of it all for me, was the Gunter 636 Documentary". Focused around a 50 year old cold murder case, the team attempted to solve the murder through new means of paranormal investigation, with shocking consequences. "It was the story I'd been waiting 10 years to tell", Rush said.

In 2011, the workload and production schedule had become a burden to the current team, and unbeknownst to fans then...the show almost ended after season 4. It was a chance meeting with Samantha Najera, formerly of MediaBar Productions that changed everything. "That's when we met Kyle, Ruben, and Mike...and the show took on a whole new look and feel, they just took it to a whole new level" said Rush. With MediaBar as the production arm of the show, and Michael Beltran as the lead editor and cinematographer, Haunted Tour won 2 Lonestar Emmys, one in 2012, and the other in 2013.

Throughout it's 13 year run the show saw many cast changes, notably fan favorite "Bobby" after season 7. "His life was changing in a big way, and he felt the need to have a clean break...he'll always be a part of the RRHT family", says Rush. In 2014 another fan favorite Joey joined the team, in the same episode (Pat O'Briens) that saw the exit of Mike Cole - which also marked the end of a partnership with Mission City Paranormal. Cole has never explained his abrupt departure from the show publicly, but he and Rush have remained friends. The show has been featured online, on Time Warner Cable On Demand, and in 2020, KSAT-TV's digital channel. In 2014, the production team was invited to meet with the Discovery Channel, and NatGeo, but talks broke down and the show continued to pave its own way.

In 2019 after a difficult investigation at SeaWorld San Antonio, Rush announced to the world that he was battling cancer. Still the show persevered, even during the pandemic the team found a way to release fresh content...but 2021 will mark the end for the show, and its rabid fans that are in disbelief. "Say it ain't so!" remarked one viewer, "please reconsider" said another. "It's time", Rush said, "I've loved every minute of it, but all good things come to an end".

The final episode will be released at 6 PM on October 28th on the show's YouTube Channel HERE

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