School Hires Stripper Bus For Field Trip Amidst Driver Shortage

The pandemic has royally screwed everything up, caused all sorts of shortages, including school bus drivers! It's true...there is a national shortage of bus drivers that is causing school transportation to become a giant headache.

Here in San Antonio some students are getting home at 7 PM because routes have to be combined, with whatever drivers remain. I'll be's gotta be one of the most thankless jobs ever, but kudos to those who do it!

One school in Boston got creative for a field trip and decided to hire a private party bus with their driver to get their students there and back. Yes, when I say private party bus, I mean one of those black, bougie busses complete with loud sound system, club-esque LED lighting, and....stripper poles!

The english teacher who chaperoned the trip posted this pic on twitter, which is hilarious. Hey, 10 points for creativity - and with those extra poles, what an added safety feature!

The Inside Of A Party Bus

Photo: iStockphoto

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