University Eliminates Terms "Freshman", "Sophomore" To Be More Inclusive

Penn State University says starting with the 2021 fall semester they will stop using the terms 'freshman', 'sophomore', 'junior', and 'senior', in an attempt to be more inclusive.

The proposal, which was approved by the faculty senate, described the terms as "decidedly male-specific" and said terms like 'upperclassmen' can be "interpreted as both sexist and classist". The plan will also remove all "gendered and binary terms" from course and program descriptions.

I am all about the push for inclusion - it's very important to bring everyone into the fold. However, I was watching Dazed & Confused the other day - that movie NEVER would've been made if not for the class designations! Okay, I know...that's a ridiculous reason NOT to do it, I'm just keepin' it real!

Do you think this will catch on nationwide? Do you see it happening in Texas? Crazy times my the way, I would've graduated as a 5th year student in college, so maybe this is a good thing. Prior to this I just said I was a "super senior" lol

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