Airlines Consider Weighing Passengers Before Boarding

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Remember when flying was fun! Oh wait, sorry...just my pre-pandemic brain thinking things that weren't fun ARE fun just because we haven't been doing them.

Well, flying is about to become even less fun as US airlines consider weighing passengers before boarding!

The FAA and the airlines say it's all to improve safety as some smaller craft need to be weight balanced, and with obesity on the rise (especially after the pandemic), it's an even bigger concern. Here's the kicker...not everyone will get weighed, if the gate agent determines you're too fat they may ask YOU to get on the scale, further humiliating you. It's one thing if they do it for everyone, but nope...just us fattys.

The FAA says passengers should relax as this measure is designed to make sure flight is safe, and also your weight won't be broadcast or seen by anyone but the airline workers. But you know what...THIS STILL SUCKS! Time to start driving everywhere.

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