Crazy Rules Restaurants Have To Follow For 'Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives'

I've actually had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Fieri several times - he's always a really nice guy. AND, he's really nice about all the spots he visits on his show...maybe, because he picks them.

You'd think on a show like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives there would be some huge production team picking places, investigating, and doing all the dirty work. Nope...Guy is heavily involved, and after looking over recipes and story lines...he has the final say on where they go! Which is pretty cool, because I've always wondered while watching the Food Network staple if he's lying on how good something tastes! By the way, a friend who works with the show says the true test if Guy REALLY likes something he's sampled, he'll immediately go back in for a second bite. The ultimate tell.

It's pretty cool to be featured on the show, but there are some serious rules you have to follow to be on the show. For example...

  • You have to foot the bill for all the food/ingredient cost, and make Guy whatever he wants off the menu. One restaurant on the show said they probably spent $12,000 in food just to be featured for one dish, despite serving him 12 dishes
  • You have to agree to shut your restaurant down for at least one day, probably more. One joint was down for 4 days, and you don't get paid for doing the show
  • Guy HATES liver, and is not a big fan of eggs either, which is why you won't see any (if at all) recipes featuring those ingredients, he just won't pick them
  • You must have all ingredients ready to go in unmarked dishes - several sets - so when Guy walks in, you can start making the dish. This is why people look so nervous, he just pops in and they start shooting

Those are just a few of the rules, check them all out HERE

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