Texas, Florida, or Oklahoma: Man Busted For Assaulting Horse

Let's face it, crazy things only seem to happen in these three states, Texas, Florida, or Oklahoma. So...where did this happen? Keep an open mind as you hear this story, and be sure to show your math!

Police arrested a lonely man for assaulting two horses! Very lovingly we're told....just to put it into context. The man was caught on camera by a stable owner who said the man was captured on camera entering several horse stalls on February 14th - yes, Valentines Day, which makes this all even more disturbing! The horse owner said the horses suffered leg injuries, but will be okay.

So...where did this happen?



or OKLAHOMA????????

Not only did this happen in Texas, it happened right here in San Antonio!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?! Why is the most outrageous story we've ever shared on TX, FL, or OK have to be from here. I'm seriously grossed out SA.

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