FOR SALE: Haunted Jail Where Ghost Inmates "Greet" You

You know I'm down with the haunted stuff! So who wants to go in on this?

An old jail in Trenton, Florida, that’s said to be haunted is on the market. The decommissioned Gilchrist County Jail, which operated from 1928 to 1968, recently hit the market for $139,999. It’s listed as an eight-bedroom, eight-bath unit on a quarter of an acre. The listing claims the property draws thrill seekers from all over the world eager to encounter the “heavy paranormal activity.” It says, “See apparitions walking around the grounds in broad daylight. Possibly the spirits within will voice what’s on their minds when you arrive before you even make it inside. Homes to years of grisly stand-offs, killings and much more it’s no surprise this location is loaded with visible and audible paranormal activity.” Realtor photos show rusty cells, water damage and graffiti inside.

Haunted jails are my fav! There's something so raw and real about them. Also since I've never been in jail (how the hell have I avoided that), I find it fascinating. There are two spots in Texas I highly recommend checking out when it comes to haunted jails. The Caldwell County Museum in Lockhart, TX, is one of the old style typical Texas frontier jails where the inmates were held upstairs, and if you were the lucky one to be elected sheriff, you lived downstairs with your family! favorite haunted jail has to be in Halletsville, TX, the Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail. If you wonder WHY this is my favorite...just watch this from The Russell Rush Haunted Tour!