Vaccine Card: Get It Laminated For Free At These Stores!

So many people in San Antonio are getting or are scheduled to get the COVID vaccine in these next few weeks, which also means a lot more complete vaccination cards!

Having that card in any capacity has been a badge of honor in this battle against the pandemic, but to be quite's a little flimsy piece of cardstock with a sticker. I mean, for something that some are warning we'll need to enter large gatherings, travel, or even go to work...let's just say I can see these getting damaged or lost pretty easily. Luckily some big chain retailers are jumping in to help us all.

Stapes and Office Depot have announced they will laminate your vaccine card to protect it, absolutely FREE! Of course you have to have both vaccinations before getting it laminated, but all you have to do is walk in, and both stores will take care of it right there. This is at all locations for Staples nationwide, Office Depot, and their other store Office Max. Currently there's no end date on the program, but to keep it in good shape you might want to do this soon.

The CDC also recommends taking a picture of your completed vaccination card and saving it in your phone.