Netflix Begins Major Crackdown On Password Sharing

Netflix is yet again planning a new way to crack down on people sharing passwords. The streaming giant estimates 3 out of 4 people are sharing accounts, and most of those are outside the family. Some are wondering if the time of Netflix's dominance has ended with new services like Peacock, and Paramount+...which led to the loss of shows like The Office, Friends, etc. Meanwhile Netflix argues with its move to original programming, they no longer rely on housing older content they don't own the rights to. Will it work?! Time will tell.

Right now Netflix is about to launch two factor authentication when you watch a show, which means when you click to watch something, you'll get texted a code to enter before you can watch - which, could cut down on people sharing when you consider at 2 in the morning needed to text a friend or family member for the code that gets sent to THEIR phone.

You have to wonder if that'll just piss people off, or cause people to get their own accounts. All I know is I'm not sharing anything, so leave me alone! :)