Here's How To Check Where Your Stimulus Is!

Wondering where your "Biden Bucks" as they're being called right know, your latest stimulus money? That $1400 that some are desperately in need of, while others will buy something ridiculous and still come up short for the bills. Don't lie, we all know those people.

Whatever you're planning to do with the money, many are wondering when/if they will get this third stimulus. Some of your friends may have already received money in their account, so what about you? It's pretty easy to find out. The IRS has launched a new website where you can enter literally four questions and get the status of your payment IF you're getting one...of course it'll tell you that too. prepared for what you're about to see, and remember to share with me for getting you this info. STIMULATE ME!!!!! By the way, starting Thursday we're going to be doubling your stimulus with another $1400 six times a day!!! For reals! Just listen to us and you could get even MORE free money!

Go HERE to check your stimmy