The Real Reason For The Weeknd's "Jock Strap Dancers"

The Weeknd's halftime show has led to many conversations today, some good, some bad, some just absolutely bewildered at what happened. Personally, I think it's the toughest gig in the world, and he pulled it off in the middle of COVID brilliantly.

The one question that's being asked around the country today...what's up with all those dancers in their jockstraps!?

Turns out the NFL made many stipulations on the halftime show, cutting out guests, trimming the setlist, and they even refused to have fans on the field to protect players. For the first time ever the stage was built into the stands. They even did not accept the premise that dancers could be tested before going on to ensure safety, masks were a must. So, in this COVID world we live in, The Weeknd found a way to bridge his anti-Hollywood message about his ex getting so much plastic surgery, along with those jockstraps...were in essence, masks.

Who knew right? Totally went over my head!

Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show