The 2 Major Fiesta Events That Won't Be Happening In June

Today the Fiesta San Antonio Commission announced Fiesta won't be happening in April, instead they've postponed events to June 17th - 27th, BUT that doesn't mean all the events we've come to know and love are happening.

Both Battle of Flowers and Fiesta Flambeau parade teams today announced they will not be holding parades in 2021 regardless of when things happen. The parades are seen typically by hundreds of thousands along parade routes that stretch through downtown San Antonio, and gathering such a crowd is not wise at this time. This would have been the 73rd year for the Fiesta Flambeau Parade, dubbed the largest lighted parade in America. Battle of Flowers today let ticket holders know the event would not be happening in 2021, and you could either receive a refund, or turn your ticket money into a taxable donation to the parade foundation.

Add these two to the list of no show's for Fiesta 2021, along with Oysterbake's previous announcement last month that they'll "see you in 2022".

These are strange times we're living in, here's to hoping the schedule firms up and we get enough vaccine in order to make it safe by June!