Fiesta San Antonio Moves To June For 2021

Fiesta 2021 is officially not happening in April thanks to the ongoing pandemic, instead the Fiesta commission announced this year's dates will change from April to June 17th - 27th. It's good news, except when you consider HOW FREAKING HOT it's going to be! But, I appreciate the commission doing what they can to be safe and still support the spirit of Fiesta - which is the party for a purpose. Many don't realize how many non-profits rely on Fiesta for their annual funding, and now to go without for two years...could have drastic effects.

We're still waiting to see which events are happening, or if they've already decided to move on. Oysterbake announced they will not hold an event in 2021, posting "we'll see you in 2022". There are many large scale events, which could still prove to be a challenge with COVID and the new variants which they're saying will pose a risk to San Antonio and Bexar County.

Keep the faith and keep hoping this all clears up sooner than later, because I for one am ready for some chicken on a stick (after getting beer spilled on me!)