LOOK: This Is The Future Of Concerts

Splendour In The Grass Festival - Day 2

Splendour In The Grass Festival - Day 2

Is live music ready for a comeback? Of course we're all hoping to get back out there and experience our favorites artists...and The Flaming Lips may have just proven how to do it!

The band, who is tight with Miley Cyrus interestingly enough, held a show in Oklahoma where everyone - band included was self contained in a big plastic bubble. It looks pretty futuristic, and people did show up...the question is...would you go if this were protocol? I mean plastic bubbles - hell we can't even get everyone to wear a mask!

Medical experts say they're unsure if this even works to protect people from the virus, because the bubbles have to allow people to breathe, so technically the virus and particles could still get out.

Regardless...here's to hoping we get back to live music sooner than later.