Voting Sites With The Shortest Wait Time

Vote button on white background

Vote button on white background

Did my civic duty yesterday and voted! Felt good actually, and I have to the entire staff in Bexar County making this election possible, you have done an incredible job.

Yes there have been lines, but when you walk in, they'll pump hand sanitizer on your hands, then you put a plastic glove on your dominant hand, and then they give you a pencil - at first it took me back to 4th grade, but then I understood. You use the eraser side to punch your choices on the electronic machine! It's brilliant.

So you want to vote but don't have the entire day to wait in line? You don't have to....I waited 40 minutes at Cody Library on Vance Jackson. Others say the AT&T Center was a 15 minute wait.

HERE are the polling sites with the shortest and longest wait times!