Need A Vacation? Rent An RV Like I Did!

2020's made vacationing a bit difficult, but we found a way around that! I was the hell are we gonna travel and go see family and friends up north where I grew up. Cue up RV Share and Outdoorsy...totally found a way to rent an RV and travel the US! Over 12 days we drove just over 2500 miles in this awesome Class C Motorhome. See...I'm talkin' like a pro now, but I was so nervous to start off!

First do you empty the bathroom?! My only experience with cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation. Turns out...not difficult at all! Then there's driving it. What we rented was 26 feet long....2 and a half basketball poles....HOW AM I GOING TO NOT WRECK THIS. Sure you gotta be careful, but's not the worst thing I've ever driven. What I quickly learned is that vehicles like this don't like going over 70 mph, even if the speed limit is 75. Oh well, it took us a little longer. Here's another thing....THEY'RE LOUD. Super loud. You basically have a big box on wheels that is a mobile home. Anything that isn't nailed down is moving somehow.

There's a lot of good points having AC, and not having to stop at any gas stations along the way. Oh sure we had to put plenty of gas in ($600 worth for the whole trip), but you can actually use the bathroom facilities while you're traveling...BRILLIANT! Plus if you prep your meals like we's like the perfect and responsible COVID vacation.

I highly recommend taking a trip like this at least once in your life. The memories you make along the way whether you make 5 stops like we did, or just's totally worth it. It forces you to unplug (even though they do have TV's with antennas!), and really makes life a lot more simple.

You can rent these at several sites online, there's also a couple of local places that rent them in person if you prefer. For a Class C like we rented, expect to spend $200 a night in rental, plus insurance and a booking fee. Want to see what one looks like inside? Check the video tour below! last thing, RV'ers....the one's who are serious about this lifestyle....they don't find the SH#$%R'S FULL joke funny. Guess every rookie like me tries it. :)

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