Marbach-umentary Shows Why The West Side Is The Best Side!

Quarantine's given us all a little more time to focus on projects and things we've been wanting to accomplish for a while, no idea if that's what happened here, but it's greatness either way!

The Marbach area is the subject of many a joke in San Antonio, from the famous Marbach Mop haircuts, to the comments about the area being crime and construction riddled. Is it true?! You have to go to the source obviously. I've met many incredible people from the far west side, and there are some pretty awesome restaurants and homes over there...which in part probably prompted this Marbachumentary.

It's a docu-series on Marbach road, it's history and culture, done by 2 longtime residents of the area who grew up there, Matthew Skinner and Arturo Javier Mireles. Being a bit of a history buff, I actually found it quite interesting. Hoping there's more to come honestly, check it out! Love seeing local creators do good work. Kudos guys.