Move Over TP - Texas Now Experiencing A Dr. Pepper Shortage

Dr. Pepper soda is the latest product to fall victim to the Coronavirus Pandemic hoarders. The soda company started in Waco admitted it's hard to find their drink on store shelves right now, but are working on a fix.

As it turns out, there are several factors leading to the shortage. You may have seen the signs in HEB warning about an aluminum can shortage - just one of many problems for Dr. Pepper. On top of that several ingredients are on back order, and most importantly the CO2 that makes the soda so bubbly is extremely hard to find right now causing production to slow down.

All that combined with people now hoarding soda...2020 gets better and better!

I had to laugh though...Charmin tweeted at Dr. Pepper, check out the hilarity below...

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