Lime Scooters To Pull Out Of San Antonio

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Hitting those New Year's resolutions just got a lot easier, as scooter operator Lime has announced they are pulling out of the San Antonio market! Don't feel bad, it's not just us...they're leaving 11 different cities because of some of the rules and stipulations placed on them by the cities. What's crazy is Lime was chosen as one of 3 operators in SA which means there'll be a lot less scooters in SA soon.

By the way...if you still have a Lime account and have credits, you can either use them in the next 3 days, OR get a refund.

Can I admit something...I've still never ridden a scooter. I know, I know, but with how clumsy I am, there's no way I'm gonna try. I've had so many friends break something riding them, not worth it, I know I will too.

By the way, this news comes after they found a bunch of scooters at the bottom of the river when they drained the Riverwalk! HA!

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