Paranormal Activity Reported At SeaWorld San Antonio

The Russell Rush Haunted Tour is back for season 12! Starting things off big with an investigation of a place you've probably been before, SeaWorld San Antonio.

For years, employees have reported strange activity when guests leave and the park closes. They see and hear a little girl and a man in rain gear. They hear screams, footsteps, doors slamming - there's a lot.

Watch the episode now and then set an alarm for Friday night (10/18) at 8 PM to watch After The Haunt our official after show on Facebook Live.

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10/18 8 PM - After The Haunt on Facebook Live

10/24 6 PM - Episode 2

10/25 8 PM - After The Haunt on Facebook Live

10/31 9 PM - Haunted Tour Live Investigation

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