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Are You Addicted To Technology? TAKE THE QUIZ!

The abstract image of the chipset illumination on the computer mainboard. The concept of computer, hardware, futuristic, electronics and technology.

Technology is all around us every minute of the day, and now health experts are warning us against....DIGITAL ADDICTION.

Think about it...don't you feel naked when you leave your phone at home?! It's gotten so bad that actual digital addiction treatment centers are beginning to pop up throughout the country! Some say it's almost as bad as the opioid epidemic.

So now you're wondering..."am I addicted?" Take this simple 7 question quiz to see.

Give yourself a point for each one of these you're guilty of...BE HONEST!


2-3 = you're good - 4 = mild addiction, reel it in - 5 or more = GET HELP NOW.


- Your phone goes to bed with you

- You're so busy with technology you forget to eat

- The first thing you do in the morning is reach for your phone

- You take your phone with you to the bathroom

- You routinely check the number of likes your social posts get

- You've ever had a freakout over your battery life

- You've spent more time online than you have with friends in the past week

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