Keto Crotch Is A Real Thing!

So I've been doing the Keto diet since Mothers Day last year, down 53 pounds so far! I know! It's honestly amazing, and it's been easy for's all about balance, and finding substitutes. I'll be honest, the worst part of it all.....the first 2 weeks. The Keto flu is real. There are other side effects Keto breath, also real. This new side effect I'm happy to say I cannot confirm the realness of (Ha!)...Keto Crotch. WTF?!

Medical experts are warning though, that doing the keto diet could affect the PH balance of certain areas of the body, including yes, your crotch. (giggle giggle). No, for real, they're warning people. I just say it's a bunch of Keto haters! In case you're considering the diet, you can read more about Keto Crotch HERE And if you're really looking into the diet, here's more info to help you get started! I'm always happy to help too. Email:

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The Russell Rush Show

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