The Russell Rush Show

The Russell Rush Show

Russell Rush can be heard weekday afternoons on 961 NOW in San Antonio and is Executive Producer and creator of The Russell Rush Haunted Tour. Get...Full Bio


New Season of Haunted Tour Just One Week Away!

I'm super excited to announce a whole new season of The Russell Rush Haunted Tour is upon us! We've been hard at work, raising the bar, and preparing two new stories to share with you. Remember all the past years when I told you this season would blow you away? I was lying.  This year you won't believe the evidence we captured!  IT'S CRAZY!

October 17th we premiere season 11 with a look into what's haunting Big Al's bar "Down The Hatch" in Waxahachie, TX. Is it haunted?  Dude, that's a huge'll soon see.  

Then October 24th we release our second episode from Ripley's downtown San Antonio, TX across from the Alamo. As you can already tell...there's some residual hauntings there, and we found them.

Finally, on Halloween night we go live yet again for a Facebook Live investigation from a place that is famous....for getting me attacked! Old Lavaca County Jail in Halletsville, TX. Yes, I was attacked there, in the visitors room....and I will face my fears and head back in there for the very first time.

As always you can watch on YouTube, right here on our website (just click haunted tour), or do it through your Smart TV by using the YouTube app.

Wanna win your way into our premiere and be the first in SA to see the new Halloween movie?  


If you've never watched the show, here's a taste of what you've been missing all these years! Binge now and catch up!  From the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, TX

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