The Russell Rush Haunted Tour 3 WEEKS AWAY!!!!


Today marks 3 weeks til a brand new season of The Russell Rush Haunted Tour! 11 years ago I started my crazy journey into the paranormal. I know, it sounds totally nerdy, but when I began this venture, it was all a joke.

I mean to go follow a paranormal team around and kind of poke fun at what they do. But then when I saw and heard what was happening....I was hooked. Trust me, if you were in a dark room and heard a random voice call out - you'd be hooked too!

Between that time and now I've seen, heard, and experienced so many things, too many to mention. There have been profound moments that have shaken my beliefs at the core. Do I believe in ghosts? Yes. Do I understand why?  Not's what keeps me going.

I can honestly say we've captured some incredible evidence that proves there is something out there. I'm also proud of the stories we've been able to tell. I love the history in these pieces - hell, if my history teachers in school would have presented things to me in this way I would have paid attention!

One of the stories that still keeps me up at night is featured in the documentary above, The Ranch. A family tormented by hauntings, driven out of their home. It's not natural, it's not right, but it's real.

So sit back, relax on the couch and find us on YouTube via your smart TV, phone, ipad, but find the biggest screen you can to take it all in.  Come October 17th we're going to haunt your dreams again! #Season11

The Russell Rush Show

The Russell Rush Show

Russell Rush can be heard weekday afternoons on 961 NOW in San Antonio and is Executive Producer and creator of The Russell Rush Haunted Tour. Get his official bio, social pages, articles and more on 961NOW! Read more


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