Pumpkin Spice Beer Salt Is Now A Thing

I get it...everyone BUT me apparently loves everything in their life to be pumpkin spice flavored this time of year. That has to be correct...I mean what other explanation do you have for pumpkin spice latte's coming out in August, new Pumpkin Spice deodorant, Pumpkin Spice pizza (gross)...just to name a few. 

Now the Twang Beer Salt people have jumped on the bandwagon to make pumpkin spice flavored beer salt!  Twang...I love you, and it's probably a genius marketing idea to do this....but c'mon! Beer salt, is beer salt is beer salt! Is not product sacred from the over pumpkin spicing of America?

Okay, off my pedestal...enjoy your pumpkin spice, I'll wait for tamales to come out---P'spicers, don't you dare!

The Russell Rush Show

The Russell Rush Show

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