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Bryce Vine Not Afraid of Heights On VMA's!

I've loved Bryce Vine's song "Drew Barrymore" since the first time I heard it! It's so good and officially my song of the summer for 2018. (we all have our own right?) So excited he's coming to our Just Show Up Show tomorrow night (8/23) at the Tobin Center! 

He opened up the VMA's the other night during the pre-show he performed live from the rooftop of Radio City Music Hall and killed it! Can't wait to see him live and see him play the trumpet too. Oh you didn't know he does that???  Yeah.

See, Bryce and I have so much in common...

1) we can sing.  See video below

2) We're both incredibly handsome

3) We enjoy tennis

4) We can both do a great awkward dance move

5) We both have videos on YouTube with old school tube TVs

By the way, when I meet him tomorrow should I confess I once changed his lyrics to.....  "You're the next Drew Carey..."?

From my college musical freshman'm the tye-dyed genius.

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