New Dating App Matches You Based On Your Voice

We all know the pros and cons to the big time dating apps, or even the online dating sites...fake profiles, pics that don't match the person, or the people just lookin' for a hookup. Some have had good luck with them, others...are like Ted from How I Met Your Mother - desperate and thirsty!

Listen, delete Tinder, delete Bumble, there's a new dating app in town that's all the rage and you will definitely want to try it.  It's called Waving, and it matches people based on their voice!

There are no photos, no profile pics, it's all you...your voice. 

Are you kidding me?! Now something like this comes out?! Where was this several years ago when I was single and lookin' for somebody, this is the dating app made from sexy radio voices like mine!

Okay, I kid.....but honestly, I would've loved this! You get to hear how someone talks, hear how funny they are instead of just typing a line they use on everyone. 

The only downfall I's a well known general rule in the radio industry, that when someone sounds good and has a good voice, then they're probably not that pretty to look at. Case in point....look at my pic from above.  Exactly. Good luck singles!

The Russell Rush Show

The Russell Rush Show

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