Lebron Says He's Interested in San Antonio

Lebron James has another decision to make at season's end...stay in Cleveland, go elsewhere...retire?! Okay, he's not gonna retire, but where's he gonna go?!

I'm sure ESPN is lining up some crazy press conference or show right now just like last time, but apparently the Spurs might be a front runner. 

We know 'Bron loves Coach Pop and thinks he's one of the best in the game, so playing for him...yeah, a definite plus. We also know he wants to be surrounded by great talent - which the Spurs definitely have. But, we also know the smaller market teams have frustrated him...of which San Antonio is one.

Lebron says he will absolutely listen to a pitch from the Spurs to come here...and I'm sure we'll make one.  The question is...do we even want him here?!

The Russell Rush Show

The Russell Rush Show

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