Wait, I Got WHAT For Christmas?!

Well...here it is, meet my new Christmas present.  Jagger the dog, adopted from the humane society.

I know I know, he's cute, adorable even. I can hear the comments now, "You're a jerk, that dog deserves a good home Russell", blah blah blah. Yes, and we'll give him one - I just don't think giving someone a dog as a gift is a great idea, right?!  He certainly wasn't cheap being a purebred dog.  But, a dog is a huge commitment, can be a huge expense, and is something to carefully consider...Not something to just open a box and be like, sweet, and put it away like a board game.  Let's face it....some people are not good gift givers! Maybe that's just me being too practical.  Live a little eh?!

He's actually a great dog so far, listens, eats, doesn't pee on my bed....all a plus. BUT, this makes 3 dogs in the house.  3!!!!!!!!!!!  When the animals out number you....you are closer to zoo level, and neither one of us in the house do well with smells! Not to mention my old man dog Barrett growls at him if he comes within 5 feet. Ha...he's a grouchy old man like me!  

So you feel me right? No?! It's true then...these lil wiener dogs have a power over women I'll never understand!

The Russell Rush Show

The Russell Rush Show

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