5 Year Old Shooting Victim's Request For Christmas


2017's been a crazy year, and one that had tragic circumstances close to home, the shooting in Sutherland Springs. While we've all moved on with our lives, the victims and their families are still recovering and coming to terms with what life looks like now.

One of those victims is 5 year old Ryland Ward, who lost three members of his family in the shooting - including his mother. The above video tells Ryland's story, but he's actually doing much better, still in the hospital recovering. He still doesn't know apparently that the rest of his family was killed, although they feel at 5 years old he has some idea.

What's special about this young boy...is that after all he's been through...he told his Grandmother, all he wants for Christmas this year is for people to send him cards in the hospital! He especially wants to see pictures of kids with their pets.

How sweet....after all the commercialization of this holiday, this little boy reminds us what Christmas spirit is all about...he has one simple wish, we can help him right?

Here's where we can send cards....

Ryland Ward
P.O. Box 174
Sutherland Springs, Texas, 78161

He also wants a go kart to ride someday, so if you're inclined to include a dollar to make that dream happen, go for it!

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