LIVE Investigation From Wonderland of The Americas Mall

For the final episode of Season X of the Russell Rush Haunted Tour we decided to fire up the cameras and Spirit Box on Facebook Live for a 3 hour investigation at Wonderland of the Americas Mall.

Our previous experience there was filled with tons of activity so we decided to go back again.

The teams split up in pairs to cover several areas of the mall and there were no shortage of activity. The hot spot for everyone was the area beneath the mall - a non-excavated area - or as we have named it "The Portal to Hell". 

Darrell and Kendra's  Experience
On the 2nd Floor of the Mall  in a back corner The Spirit Box picked up a child's voice saying "hi" and the Rem Pod Lit up. This is right outside of an inflatable entertainment area so it seems natural in this mall that is where a child may gravitate.

During their shift in the non-excavated area the Spirit Box picked up voices saying the names David, Eddie and Bob. When they asked the voices if they were killed in the elevator accident at the mall, the response was "hurt."

Gel and Vanessa Experience
While in one of the mall shops the team heard whispers. This is not far from where Darrell and Kendra heard the child. While doing some time in a back hallway they heard rustling and when in the "Portal" there were sparks and shadows.

Russell and Joey's Experience
While walking on the 2nd Floor there was a women's voice on the ghost meter, but otherwise pretty calm. The action again was in the "Portal" where the Spirit Box picked up a voice saying "Russell" along with seeing sparks, shadows and hearing footsteps.

Check out the original investigation and history of The Wonderland Mall Here

Wonderland of The Americas - Thumbnail Image

Wonderland of The Americas

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