The History

One thing that San Antonio is known for is their nightlife and entertainment.  On the corner of Alamo and Wickes streets, located in the heart of the King William Historical District in San Antonio, stands an old “mission style” church, which is now transformed into a family friendly restaurant and bar.  Once known as the Alamo Methodist Church, this beautiful historic building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Church was built in 1912 and served the San Antonio Methodist community for over 60 years. 

The Church was secularized in the mid-1970s and Bill and Marcia Larsen bought the old church and converted it into the Church Dinner Theater in 1976.  Bill and Marcia Larsen were well known in San Antonio for their love of art and contribution to the San Antonio community, Marcia was the executive director of the Southwest Craft Center.  

From the time that the old Church was converted into the dinner theater, the Larsens would share stories with their customers about the resident ghost that they had in their choir loft.  She was said to be a woman all in white, in early 20th century clothing.  She was only ever seen in the loft, but her sightings were noted by many of the employees and performers throughout the years of operation.  She was said to be seen most often when a rehearsal or performance was going on in the theater.  The Larsens would often speculate that the apparition was that of Margaret Gething.  She was a singer and actress, whose home was about a block away from the theater on Guenther street.  She would have attended the Church and perhaps would come back because of her love of the theater. Hoping to relive her love of the theater and participate in a final performance. 

A small boy spirit, known only as Eddie, also is thought to haunt the theater.  He is a bit of a prankster.  Liking “red heads”, he plays frequently in the building, pulling their red hair.  The spirit of Eddie was soon seen in the theater after a wheelchair was brought in as a prop for one of the shows.  Psychics believe that Eddie was somehow attached to the chair.  As a child was crippled, needing a wheelchair for his mobility.  He died at a young age of the ailment.   

Some of the other stories of hauntings of the theater include lights going on and off, doors opening, closing and locking on their own.  People often report voices, footsteps, and unusual noises.  Kitchen staff would often report dishes being moved from drainboards back into the dishwashers, although no one would have claimed to move them. People at times feel as though they have been touched.

The theater was vacant for quite awhile, until bought in 2015.  The building became “Frank”, a hipster restaurant, known for its gourmet hot dogs.  Staff of the restaurant still experience the antics of the spirits and many have seen the full body apparitions of those said to still roam the old church.

1. Frank San Antonio "That's Not My Middle Name"

2. Frank San Antonio "Can You See Me?"

3. Frank San Antonio (Little Eddie Voice)

4. Frank San Antonio - Andre's Box "Me", "Eddie"

5. Frank San Antonio - Andre's Box "Twenty"

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