The Ranch


Built 24 years ago, as a wedding gift, this 100 year acre was the homeowners dream home. She picked it out of a magazine and her parents had the home built on their land, not far from their home on the property.  She is very close to her parents, and when her mother fell ill and passed, it was devastating.  The one thing they didn’t know before they built, is that the ranch sits on American Indian land

The home owner reports that the house always had a few unexplainable happenings, but in 2010, her mother passed away, and the activity intensified.  She felt her presence throughout the house.  A psychic came to visit the ranch shortly after the activity started and noted that there seemed to be a portal to the other side.  

Some activity that she can recall, things go missing, only to be found later on somewhere else, sure that could be the three children, but they would report missing items, too. TVs would turn on and off, dishes had been thrown.  She noted an apparition of a young boy standing and staring at her from the laundry room.  Her teenage son also saw this boy, thinking it was his brother, only to find out that he was still lying in bed next to him. Shadows are seen darting throughout the open floor plan.  She has felt her mother touching her at times.  

The family noted that lately the activity had increased in intensity and occurences.  Her sons no longer wanted to sleep in their rooms.  The housekeeper refused to go upstairs.  It was then that they decided to move out.  

After The Haunt

The family has since abandoned the home due to the hauntings, and called upon the help of our team and paranormal investigators as a last resort.

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