Wonderland of The Americas


Location:  4522 Fredericksburg Rd, Balcones Heights, TX 78201 ∑ (210) 785-3500

Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10-9, Sunday 12-6

Paranormal Activity:  Medium.  A store which doesn’t keep tenants due to “creepiness”, voices, apparitions caught on the mall security cameras, metal gates that bang around with no explanation, apparitions of two children, shop owners who complain of their merchandise being moved around.

Built in 1961, Wonderland of the Americas Mall, formerly Crossroads Mall and Wonderland Mall, respectively, was one of the first indoor shopping centers in San Antonio. When it was built, it boasted air conditioning, a Handy Andy grocery store, and several retail stores, Montgomery Wards, Winns, Woolworth and Satels. The mall has been through many changes over the years, but still brings in the business. These days, the mall not only has retail stores, but a conference center and several trade schools.With over 50 years in business, it is an old building...but Haunted? What could have happened in this shopping mall to warrant a paranormal investigation? Combing through newspaper archives, the only report of a death at the mall was during construction in the early 1960s. A construction worker fell to his death down an elevator shaft. He impaled himself on rebar at the bottom of the shaft...what an unpleasant way to die. Was this the spirit that opens and closes the service elevator on its own? The mall security reports many unusual phenomenon which seem to occur when the mall closes for the night. Not only do the elevators have a mind of their own, but the guards report many other unusual events that cannot be explained. When walking through the underground service tunnels, they feel as though someone is following them, but turn to find nobody there. Their security cameras capture a cleaning woman walking in the service tunnels in the middle of the night. They also will see patrons walking about the closed mall. When they go to investigate, no one can be found. The small “flea market” on the upper level is made up of a maze of metal temporary store fronts. Often the rattling of these metal cages can be heard echoing around the mall.

Security and shop owners report unusual activity around a children’s play place, which was formerly Handy Andy grocery store. Two children are often reported seen in this area many hours past their bedtime. There is so much energy in a mall. After 50 plus years, perhaps that residual energy is what is feeding the paranormal activity that some believe is present at the mall. 

1. Child "Hey, let me out”

2. "Russell"

3. "Come Back"

4. "Who Are You"

5. "Suckers"

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