Witte Museum


LOCATION - 3801 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX 78209

HOURS - Museum Hours Here, Events/Ghost Hunts by special request

WEBSITE - http://www.wittemuseum.org/

OWNER- Private

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - High. Voices, Strange Noises,  EVP Audio (electronic voice phenomenon), Shadow People, Physical Contact, Photo Anomalies

The Witte Museum opened in 1926 and was San Antonio's first museum. Originally it was to be constructed in San Pedro Park, plans were changed, however, when San Antonio businessman Alfred G. Witte died leaving funds and land to the city to construct a museum near Brackedridge Park. The Witte was the idea and life's work of Ellen Shulz Quillin who initially had to convince Mayor Tobin, who didn't know what a museum was, that San Antonio needed one. City officials were concerned that Ellen Schulz, who was engaged at the time to Roy Quillin, would be too distracted if she were to get married and start a family before the museum was firmly established. To prove the city officials wrong, she agreed to not get married during the first year of the museum’s operation and accepted a salary of $1.  For a time, Mrs. Quillin lived in a small cottage on the museum grounds. During the Depression, some employees lived temporarily at the museum. There was an office was converted into an actual apartment upstairs (now storage). It is believed her spirit still roams the halls of The Witte, as this was a place she treasured dearly.

Due to the location of the museum, near Brackenridge Park, and the San Antonio River...both of which are known to be sacred places for the American Indians, The Witte land has deep connections to American Indian tribes. In fact during digs on site Indian artifacts were recovered from The Witte grounds that leads experts to believe the American Indians built ceremonial fires on these grounds. American Indian figures have been seen on property in the past. 

The Witte is also full of an incredible number of artifacts hundreds of years old that could be connected to spirit activity. Employees and security guards report hearing voices, including the voices and laughter of children especially in the auditorium.  Guards have also smelled perfume upstairs near the textile gallery, and employees in the office area upstairs have had drawers, flowers, and desks move.  There have been strange lights, and even the full body apparition of a woman who resembles Mrs. Meyers, a Witte enthusiast, who is recognized because her ghost is wearing exactly what she's wearing in the picture of her that hangs in the administration hallway. Many workers have fled the place never to return because of what they saw and experienced. 

The Witte has also moved several buildings to their campus that have incredible historical significance like The Ruiz house, which was San Antonio's first public school house.  There has been a lot of activity reported near the Ruiz House. The Witte is also home to the Hertzberg Circus Collection; A 22,000-piece collection of incredible circus memorabilia, given to The Witte from the old Hertzberg Circus Museum, in downtown San Antonio. The Hertzberg Circus Museum was always known to be haunted, but it was never known if the hauntings stemmed from the building, and/or the artifacts inside. The same can be said for all the strange activity inside The Witte.

1. "Stay Out"

2.  "Hammer" "Hey"

3.  "Out"

4.  "Yeah"

5.  "creepy male laugh"

6.  "Let Me Go"

7.  "Child Voice"

8.  "Little Man"

9.  "Wanna Come Down"

10.  "Talk To Me"

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