The Castle

LOCATION - Roosevelt & Kelly, San Antonio, TX

HOURS - By Appointment Only

OWNER - Private Owner

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Medium. Whispers/voices, Strange Noises, EVP Audio (electronic voice phenomenon)

The Castle is just that...a castle. Built in the 1980's on a vacant lot, the house that stood nearby was picked up and moved by the owner of the land. During construction the owners were told by neighbors they were building on top of a graveyard. Originally built as a restuarant, the owners built it to look like a castle and named the establishment "King Arthur's Castle Restauarant" - unfortunately, they report no one on the southside knew who King Arthur was. After the resaurant shut down, it was used as a reception hall and party house. Finally it was converted and used as a daycare for almost 15 years. During the building's existence employees throughout the years of the various businesses have experienced strange things...names being whispered, being touched, strange noises, and the owner's children have even had the TV turn on and off on them as well as channels changing on a knob-style TV in the 80's. The Castle is located one mile from Mission San Jose, and the land has obvious Native American history. While the graveyard story has not been confirmed, it seems likely bodies from the mass deaths that happened during the time of the missions may have been buried this far out to control the spread of disease.

Present for Investigation...Russell, Bobby, Angelka, Jo Ann, Vanessa, Joey, & Tracy. While the owners were sure some unexplained things had happened over the years, they were not sold on the activity being from hauntings. The team honestly did not expect to find much. Instead they set out to give the owners explanations for the things they had been experiencing for years. IR cameras were set down the main hallway, in the overflow dining room, and the kitchen. Joey & Vanessa monitored cameras, while Jo & Angelka focused on the upstairs office. Russell & Tracy investigated the many noises coming out of the kitchen. The team felt in the beginning as if they were running in circles chasing all the noises that were happening, starting with a loud bang that sounded like a paint can tipping over in the overflow dining room. A search of the room turned up nothing out of the ordinary. Loud tapping noises happened randomly throughout the night. From the sounds of the voices, it seemed to be a woman or possibly a child. Throughout the night the crew got the feeling something or someone was taunting a sort of playful yet sinister manner. The pinnacle of the night came as Tracy was just sitting in the main hallway and he captured an EVP of a creepy cackle, as if someone was laughing at us.

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