Spanish Governors Palace


LOCATION - 105 Plaza De Armas, San Antonio, TX

HOURS - Open To Visitors Tues-Sat 9 AM to 5 PM, Sundays 10 AM to 5 PM

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OWNER - City of San Antonio

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - High. Light Anomalies, Strange Noises, EVP Audio (electronic voice phenomenon), Light Flashes, Electronic Interference, Physical Contact

The Spanish Governor's Palace was built in 1722 making it one of the oldest buildings in San Antonio. It's not only one of the oldest buildings, National Geograhpic also named it one of the most beautiful buildings in San Antonio. Despite its name, Spanish Governor's never lived there. Instead this was the home and office for the Captain of the Presidio, in essence the military headquarters for the Spanish Government to serve as protection for the Alamo. The area around the Spanish Governor's Palace was really part of the original settlement of San Antonio. Soldiers and their families were encouraged to come and settle here, the Captains brought their families. In front of the building, where City Hall now stands, was the town square...and the place where executions and hangings would regularly take place. Originally built as a one room house it was expanded to three rooms with a pantry over time. After even more additions, the building now took a "u" shape. Eventually it ceased to serve any military function, it became a private residence for Ignacio Perez and his family. When they moved out to the family ranch, the building was leased to many businesses. It was a bar, a clothing store, a pawn shop, a shoe store, and a tire shop. Finally in 1930 Adina De Zavala started a campaign to save the building and preserve its history. Taking the lead from other Southwestern U.S. cities who were restoring Presidio buildings, Ms. De Zavala bought the building, and decided to call it the Spanish Governor's palace. Feeling it was not palatial enough, they built on the upper loft, and closed in the "u" shape of the building so that it would look more like a place a Governor would live in. Ironically one of the rooms that was added on during the restoration, a room described as the "children's bedroom" is the place where most people have experienced strange activity. Visitors to the museum have reported seeing a little girl jumping on the bed, cold spots, and strange voices. Its peculiar that the one place not part of the original building is the most haunted. The only thing this can be attributed to, is the fact that the very piece of furniture the little girl has been seen jumping on...has been in that very room since 1930. Sometimes things can attach themselves to pieces of furniture as bizarre as that sounds. Legend also tells the story of a little girl, the daughter of a Governor, playing outside behind the building while her parents were away. She was being watched by the maid. The maid went into the house for just a moment, and when she came out the girl was missing. Though they searched for her, she was never found. Years later the maid was at home alone, again while the family was away, when robbers broke into the home looking for the Governor's treasure. The maid refused to tell them where it was, so they killed her. The robbers then dumped her body into the well. There are variations to the next part of the story. Some say the family returned home and realized something bad had happened, and discovered the maid's body in the well. Another story says even more years went by and one of the robbers was close to death and wanted to make peace with God before he died. He told the Governor what had happened, and explained how they had dumped the maid in the well. Either way, the legend continues, they discovered the maid's body in the well, and as they were recovering her body, they found the remains of the little girl. The family then entombed the little girl's body in the wall of the chapel...considered a place of honor.

Investigation conducted with Mission City Paranormal...present were Russell, Bobby, Vanessa, Mike, & Angelka. It is important to note heavey storms moved through the San Antonio downtown area just hours before our investigation began. There was heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. Starting around 10 PM we toured the entire palace to figure out where to set our cameras up. Finally settling on facing two down the halls of the original building, and one camera in the bedroom where the little girl has been seen. Even before we started investigating there was a definite energy present in the children's bedroom. Literally ten minutes after going lights out, a process that involved unscrewing some light bulbs where switches could not be found, the light in the children's bedroom came back on. This was one of the rooms where we had to unscrew the bulb. Despite tampering with the light bulb, some source of energy was able to turn it back on. We unscrewed it even further again, and yet again later in the night the light somehow came back on. What is interesting to note, is none of the other lights we unscrewed ever came back on. Due to this activity, the bedroom became our main focus. Angelka and Russell started asking questions in the bedroom to ascertain if the presence of the little girl was indeed there. Using a technique in which we ask the spirit to complete the circuit in a flashlight to turn it on or off, we began asking questions. The spirit claimed to be a little girl, it confirmed that it had been touching some of our team, and even answered us on command on the K2 meter which measures electromagnetic fields that ghosts will emit. Since it is believed to take spirits on the other side an extreme amount of energy to do the things we ask, we took a break from the bedroom and performed sessions in both the original room, the well, and the middle room built on in 1930. This room is where we captured an EVP of a spirit calling our for Help. It did not seem to be the voice of a little girl so we have no clue at this point who that may have been. The well did get some hits on the Ovalice for i-Phone, but only said a couple of things that couldn't really be verified. Towards the end of the night we all returned to the bedroom conducting more sessions using both the Ovalice, and PX. Both tools have internal dictionaries that translate certain frequencies and electromagnetic fields into words. We made some chilling discoveries using the PX. At one point something or someone even altered the voice of the PX - something that has never happened before.

AUDIO- Audio clips from the investigation:1. Help <>2. Yippee (Sounds like childs voice, caught in Children's Bedroom) <>3. Gel (Sounds like same voice as above) <>4. Bobby (sounds like same little girl repeating bobby's voice just as they had done with Gel) <>5. Unknown..."Stinka"? <>6. No <>

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