Six Flags Fiesta Texas


LOCATION - 17000 W Ih 10, San Antonio, TX 78257

HOURS - Park Hours Here (, Paranormal Investigations By Special Request Only


OWNER - Private

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - High. Voices, Strange Noises, EVP Audio (electronic voice phenomenon), Shadows, Moving Objects

Six Flags Fiesta Texas was built in 1990 and opened in 1992 in the famous rock quarry of Beckman, TX. While the theme park now resides in San Antonio, up until the early 1980's the area surround the quarry and I-10 was known as Beckman, TX...a town of literally less than 200 people. The main attraction of Beckman, TX was indeed the rock quarry where most were employed. Quarry work was very dangerous and lots of injuries, even deaths were reported at the quarry. According to officials with Six Flags Fiesta Texas the story of the haunting surrounding the park goes back to the 1930's in the time of the great depression and involves a young woman named Neisse.

When Neisse was 7 years old in the mid 1930's her family settled in Beckman, Texas. Neisse made many friends within the community, and their favorite place to play was just outside of town where the new quarry was being created.

With the newly created quarry the town started to grow and the industry of mining limestone grew to make the town a flag stop for the railroad to New Orleans. It became overwhelmed with quarry workers trying to survive the Depression. Within the following years Neisse found herself head over heels in love with a quarry worker. He courted the townsí dear daughter, Neisse, for 2 years before asking for her hand in marriage. Neisseís father was happy that his daughter had found a hard working, honest man. The wedding was planned for the fall and would be held at her favorite spot on the edge of town at sunset with the quarry wall being her back drop, since it was what brought them together. The town was extremely excited to celebrate something in the wake of the depression. The weeks passed and everyone was getting anxious for the day to arrive. However, as the wedding day grew closer, Nessie found herself greatly ill with Tuberculosis...a sure death sentence in those days. Though bedridden, Nessie was determined to maintain her wedding plans and get married. However, just days before she was to be wed, Neisse died. As a way to honor their daughterís dream, the family buried Nessie in her wedding dress on the spot overlooking the quarry where her wedding was to take place.

As the surrounding towns began to prosper with growth and the depression ended, darkness still loomed in the area. Many quarry workers claimed to see the figure of a young bride calling out for her groom.

In the early ë90s, a portion of the quarry became home to Fiesta Texas theme park, complete not only with a variety of rides but also the Zaragoza Theatre. Since its development, many have claimed seeing strange apparitions and hearing distant cries of a young woman in white. It is believed that the Zaragoza Theatre was built directly over the site where Nessie was meant to be wed, but instead was buried.

1.  "Help"

2.  "Help" Enhanced

3.  "Hey"

4.  "Whisper"

5.  Disembodied Voice

6.  "Hi", "Hey"


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