Magnolia Hotel


LOCATION - 203 S Crocket St, Seguin, TX

HOURS - By Appointment Only

OWNER - Private Owner

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Medium. EVP Audio (electronic voice phenomenon), Scratching, Objects being thrown

The Magnolia Hotel in Seguin began as a two-room stagecoach stop and evolved into the biggest and fanciest hotel in Seguin. It was well known for many reasons, the parties, the food, and unfortunately the serial killer who stayed there.

In 1874 William Faust, a druggist decided he no longer wanted to be married to his wife, he rather wanted to be married to his wife's sister! So, he plotted to get rid of her. Although he didn't live in Seguin, he frequently worked there and his wife hated to stay alone while he was gone. So, he recommended she stay with family friends in New Braunfels. She did this often, and would typically share a room with their friend’s young daughter Emma. In the middle of the night, Faust stole the hotel owner's horse and rode off to Seguin with an axe in hand. He broke into the house and went for the room where his wife was staying. Emma normally slept in the bed, and his wife on the floor, but for whatever reason that night they switched. He started swinging the axe and realized it wasn't his wife. He had killed Emma. Then he went for his wife, but was only able to blind her before Emma's brother walked in and made a sound that scared him off. His wife was only blinded in the attack and maintained his innocence, as she never saw him do it. Faust was caught because he looked suspicious for not aiding in the search for his wife's attacker. He was taken to the jail in San Antonio where he was killed when a man with a gun reached into the bars and pulled the trigger.

People have reported strange smells in the room William Faust stayed in, and people passing by have reportedly seen a figure staring out the window. Many believe it's the ghost of William Faust. There also seems to be a little girl ghost that roams about the hotel. Some believe its Emma, even though she did not die in the house.

The hotel was eventually converted into apartments, and then abandoned. It fell into disrepair in the 90's and became a haven for drugs and prostitution, which is interesting because of its connection to the most famous Madame of Seguin, a woman who went by the name, Pink Rosebud. She lived across the street from the hotel but would bring her clients to the hotel.

The current owners are working to restore the hotel and turn it into a museum.

1. "Girl Giggle"

2. "Yes"

3. "Bang"

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