Lockhart Jail


LOCATION - 314 East Market Street, Lockhart, TX

HOURS - Museum open weekends 1-5 PM, Jail by appointment only

OWNER - Caldwell County Historic Comission

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Medium. Whispers/voices, Strange Noises, Footsteps, EVP Audio (electronic voice phenomenon)

The Caldwell County Jail in Lockhart is built on the original site of the first ever log structure jail in Lockhart, Texas. There have been four total jails (if you count the temporary jail in the basement of the courthouse). Built in 1908 and opened as a jail in 1909 this is one of the most unique detention facilities in America. The jail was built as four floors, with the top floor being one cell, to act as a solitary confinement cell. The interesting part is the first floor, which was built to act as a residence. The Caldwell County Sheriff and his family lived AT the jail on the first floor. There was an outside entrance so the inmates never had access to the house, although there are stories of some of the children going up to the jail and interacting with the inmates. The Sheriff's wife was in charge of feeding all the inmates and sent the food up through a dumbwaiter to the other floors. There are nine total cells. Locals tell stories of endless fighting in the jail, and one who was housed there says authorities massacred someone on the top floor although these reports cannot be confirmed. There were no famous inmates to speak of although there was one notable jailer, Sherrif John Franks. He had gotten into an argument with the city marshall at the Sherrif's office at the courthouse when the city marshall threatened Sheriff Franks' life. The Sherrif went back to his office, got his gun and got into another squabble with the city marshall and gunfire erupted in the courthouse hallway, leaving the city marshall dead. Months later, as he was walking home to the jail from the courthouse, Sheriff Franks was gunned down a block away. It's said residents were very upset about the city marshall being killed and took the law into their own hands.

Present for Investigation...Russell, Bobby, Angelka, Jo Ann, Vanessa, & April. IR cameras were set up in the solitary confinement area, as well as a 2nd floor cell. The team monitored the cameras with little results. Befure and during the investigation Angelka reported hearing voices in both real time and on her recorder while listening with headphones. All voices picked up seemed to be male. April brought the Frank's Box which was active and made a connection almost immediately. The box blurted out Russell's name almost immediately after being turned on. It's interesting to note Russell had spent the most time in the jail as he'd been there the week prior for a walkthrough. In the middle of the night the team ran into a former inmate who told us what went on in the jail and about how awfully everyone was treated and how fights were common place. Footsteps and noises were heard throughout. Russell & Bobby heard whispers and footsteps both in solitary confinement and in a 3rd floor cell. Not surprisingly female investigators picked up the most evidence...the jail was filled with men. The team doesn't believe they made contact with Sheriff Franks, and are no closer to confirming who or what might be in the jail. That said...there is definitely someone still wandering the halls.

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