Hunt Your Home

LOCATION - Private ResidenceHOURS - NA

OWNER - Private

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Light, Strange Noises, Battery Drain, Shadows

LEGEND - Owner reports seeing a little girl estimated to be six or seven years old walk through the house, she mainly walks from the storage closet through the wall straight in front of it. The owners also report seeing the same little girl standing over the baby's crib looking in. Upon first moving into the home seven years ago the owner's daughter was locked into the bathroom by some unknown force and discovered some time later crying in the corner. Once they began to remodel, cabinets and drawers would open and close at all hours, and there would be loud banging noises from the kitchen. Owners have also called police due to reported "people" walking on the roof, only to have police find no evidence of anyone there. Radios and alarm clocks turn on and off at random, and the most chilling report is of some sort of spirit getting into bed with one of the owners after their partner leaves for work.

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