Chinese Graveyard

LOCATION - 410 & Zarzamora

HOURS - Daytime Only

OWNER - Private Property

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Medium, Some Cold Spots, Light Orbs, Sense of Being Followed, Possible Audio Clips

It is said that if you pull up to the gates of the graveyard with your car facing the gates. Roll your windows completely down, turn the car off, and flash your lights quickly five times. After the fifth time you will see and hear white apparitions shooting all over the graveyard.

While we tried the car trick twice, we were unable to see or hear anything. After this disappointment we got out of our car and did some exploring. Using our infrared thermometer that measures air temperature we began scanning the graveyard for cold spots. Pointing to the large white cross air temperature measured 65 degrees, but just past the front gates, we made an incredible discovery. 

Pictures- There were several pictures taken that seem to reveal some light orbs. We have ruled out dust because we know what dust looks like on our camera. We magnified a few for maximum viewing. It's almost as if eyes are looking back at you in one shot. 

The Chinese Graveyard is an extremely old cemetery located on the south side of San Antonio off of 410 on Zarzamora. As you're heading south on Zarzamora you will see an old fence that is falling down and a gated entrance that is a bit indented from the rest of the fence. It is locked typically for you to drive through, but during the day there is a gate you can walk through. This is private property and there are several signs noting NO WITCHCRAFT, and PRIVATE PROPERTY. One sign event states "NEVER MIND THE DOG, BEWARE OF OWNER" with a picture of smoking gun. We would recommend being very cautious for these reasons. It can only make one wonder why the numerous signs denouncing witchcraft...was this a problem at some point? We did find a piece of bone on the grounds which makes us wonder if there was some sort of sacrifice that happened at this location in the past. 

For quite some time we have wondered why it is called The Chinese Graveyard, and even after our visit we are more intrigued, as the first grave marker, a large white cross, spells out the name "GUZMAN" ...not typically an Asian name at all. However, upon further inspection of the graves - some of which are quite new - it seems that this cemetery was purchased as a family plot or may go back many generations in a family. It isn't much of a cemetery at all. Through the front gates there is a small dirt/gravel road that winds a bit back to the end of the small graveyard, with graves marked with makeshift markers on either side. While some are new, some are very old.

After doing more research on the name, we recently discovered that some Chinese Immigrants many many years ago had been passing through the area and had a makeshift camp set up on this site when some of them were murdered. Another story talks about how many of them got sick and died there, while another more far fetched story talks about how there was a plane crash near the area and the plane was full of Chinese immigrants. Regardless, each story ends the same...with a great number of Chinese immigrants being buried in mass burials or unmarked graves throughout this piece of land...hence, The Chinese Graveyard.

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