Cadillac Bar


LOCATION - 212 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX

HOURS - 11 AM - 2 AM Monday-Saturday Click Here To Visit Their Website

OWNER - Private Ownership

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Medium, Heavy Feeling, Cold Spots, Full Body Apparitions, Shadows/Shadow People, Strange Noises, Battery Drain, High EMF Readings (Electomagnetic Field)

LEGEND- The Cadillac Bar resides in a more than 130 year old limestone structure in Stumberg Square. Originally the Stumberg General store, it became the famous Cadillac Bar in the 1920's. During its long history it has seen much death. The building sits near the courthouse and witnessed many hangings on the trees out back. The building is built on top of the burial mounds of the old livery stable and stockyards. This could explain the issues and activity in the basement. In the early 1970's, the Cadillac Bar was forced to seal off their basement permanently for unknown reasons. The owners believe there were countless bodies buried throughout the basement. It could also have something to do with the fact that the Cadillac Bar's basement connects to the series of underground tunnels that run throughout downtown. Whatever the reason, legend has it there is a spirit of a former owner in the basement that no one can get to. The main legend is that of an angry spirit named "Beatrice", a former employee of the bar. She was said to be unhappy, and very ugly when she was alive so she haunts the bar to this day. She is mainly seen walking down the stairs of the bar in an off-white or beige dress. She is also known to be very mischievous...throwing kitchen utensils and turning things on and off like the sinks. Current employees claim to have seen both ghosts. The owners also report seeing other activity including a man in a sombrero who haunts both the downstairs and upstairs party rooms. They have also seen soldiers in the upstairs party room. Finally, in the dishwashing area of the kitchen they are constantly replacing employees who leave after seeing the apparition of what they describe to be a six or seven year old boy sitting on the stairs.

WHAT WE EXPERIENCED - Investigation conducted with Mission City Paranormal...present were Russell, Bobby, Mike, Marty, Keith, Erica, Angelka, and our psychic Christine. After doing research and speaking to the owners we weren't sure exactly what to expect. The bar is very nice and well kept, but there is an overwhelming feeling of melancholy in the areas adjoining the bar. Some team members felt a tightness in the chest. Our psychic felt strongly that the basement was the most active place-unfortunately there is no way to enter. Christine also saw who she believed to be "Beatrice" in the dishwashing area of the kitchen. She said Beatrice was very angry and acted as if she was going to throw something at her. We had cameras covering every inch of the middle room with the stairs, the downstairs party room, the upstairs party room, the dishwashing area of the kitchen, the stairs, and all hallways. Equipment began to malfunction in the dishwashing area just minutes after going lights out. A fully charged camcorder went blank during an EVP session. EMF readings were off the charts in the range of 44.0-55.0 in the kitchen. While the kitchen contains many pieces of electrical equipment the high readings were only picked up in the center of the room several feet away from any equipment. What also makes these readings strange is that EMF readings taken near an electrical junction box were only in the 3.0-7.0 range. Employees state they don't like the kitchen and feel anxious while in there. It is possible with all the equipment and some unshielded wiring the kitchen could be what's known as a Fear Cage, which is defined as a confined space with very high EMF readings. While we did not see or capture the little boy on the stairs it is obvious as to why he appears more often than most. There is a large electrical junction box right next to the stairs, and this must be where the spirit gets its energy to manifest. There were also high EMF readings on the stairway leading from the upstairs party room to the first floor. Just four steps down EMF read 4.0, but moved to closer to the wall where there could be wiring, the readings decreased to a normal level. This is still unexplained. While investigating the upstairs party room, Angleka saw a shadow walking along the interior long wall of the upstairs party room. The dishwashing area seems to be the most active by far. All throughout the night banging noises were heard opposite the wall that contained any plumbing. The noises got louder during a final seance before ending the investigation.

MORE- The Cadillac Bar and Cadillac Bar Restaurant are an important piece of San Antonio history. The bar itself has been a favorite place to grab a drink since the early 1920's. The bar traces its roots to the original owner in New Orleans who, disgusted with prohibition, moved to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and opened the Cadillac Bar there in a building with a dirt floor. Shortly after, the Cadillac Bar San Antonio was opened. The building is a limestone structure dating back to the 1870's. The area surrounding the Cadillac Bar for many many years sat under Mexican control. "This was Mexico" states one of the owners. It was originally the Stumberg General Store, a place that sold produce, groceries, as well as hay and feed. There was a camp yard, and stockyard before there were any buildings on the land and multiple bodies are listed as being buried in the mounds of the stockyard - directly under where the building still stands to this day. Due to its proximity to the courthouse, trees behind the building were used for public hangings. In the early 1900's the Cadillac Bar was part of San Antonio's "Red Light District"and served as a bordello. The prostitution continued until the bordello was closed in 1919. In 1914 the first electric streetlights in Texas were installed near the building and are still in use today. The current owners no longer feel scared but have seen and heard many things. Before it was sealed off, one of the owners refused to ever enter the basement because he felt afraid.

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