The Batman - Main Trailer!

The Batman starring Robert Pattinson finally has an official trailer. It is amazing. The trailer gives way more insight into the story line and character specifics. I personally can't wait to see how The Riddler is represented. From what I know his character draws a lot of inspiration from the Zodiac Killer. I am a huge fan of Zodiac the movie, not the killer obviously.

One of the coolest parts about this Batman is his dark energy. Everyone knows that Batman is one of the darkest mainstream heroes. That hasn't been portrayed in most movies however. We have to wait a while for this movie to come out but when it does, it will be amazing. I promise.

Signing off here, as always you can follow me @evanontheradio on Instagram and let me know if you are excited for this movie, or if you couldn't care less. Either way is cool.

Watch the trailer HERE!

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